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Yoga at Home

Our Team

Alex I.

Alex is from Trang, South Thailand and has been practicing massage since 2015. He was educated at the Watpho School of Thai Massage and the San Francisco of Massage.


Styles/ Certifications: Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports massage and Reflexology

Specialties: Loves to work with focus for Neck and shoulders and Sport related injury recovery, Thai stretching

Bodywork/massage philosophy: Alex loves to receive massage as much as he loves to provide it for others, he believes that in order to be a good healer you have to know what it feels like to give as well as receive and this applies to all aspects of his life including his healing touch.

Vanessa R.

I combine Deep Tissue, Trigger point , Hot stone, Swedish flow & Thai Massage techniques. I provide both a nourishing flow and concentrated attention to your specific challenge areas to address a given issue. To help relax other areas of your body connected to your primary area of discomfort. I graduated from the San Francisco school of massage and my background started from Thai massage at Wat Pho Bangkok, Thailand.

 (415) 430-7574

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